About Me

I am a Full-Stack software developer with around 10 Years of professional experience in the field.
I was born and raised in Aleppo, Syria, Proud to say that I've never graduated from a university, I am a self-taught developer.

My Skills

Front End

I use React.js, Bootsrap, Sass, Tailwind, and more to build responsive and high performance websites.

Back End

I love building backends! I use Laravel (PHP) & Ruby on Rails to power scalable APIs, MySql & Postgress for Databases.

DevOps & Infrastructure

I Worked with many service providers to build a scalable infrastructure (AWS, DigotalOcean, Linode ...etc).

Version Control

The standards wins, GIT is my favorite version control system. When it comes to the cloud, I use Github & somethimes Gitlab.

Server Management

I have a long experince in server management. I use Docker, Apache, and more to build a scalable infrastructure.

Technical SEO

I'm an expert in On-Page technical SEO, I've learnet how to apply the best structre and SEO techniques to improve websites ranking.